Another day, another Hendall story.

Ahhhh, just WHAT is going on now?

Just after we thought it was all over, Harry and Kendall have been spotted together AGAIN!

Earlier this week, we heard the rumours that Harry and Kendall might have split up, as Harry reportedly called her “the most boring person he’s ever met”, but now it doesn’t look that way.

The pair have been spotted on a romantic skiing trip at the Mammoth Mountain Ski resort in California as a lucky fan bumped into them and managed to grab a few cheeky pics.

Starstruck fan Allie Connolly posted the pics on her Instagram along with the caption: “Casually hanging out with Kendall Jenner and Harry Styles. #dying.”

Yeah, we’d be dying too!

However, she soon regretted it after her Instagram and other social media accounts were being flooded with thousands of directioners bombarding her with questions, such as ”Were they like friends or more?”

Mmm, sure looks that way to us!

Going on a romantic trip together sure makes it seem like pretty serious stuff doesn’t it?

So, does this mean they’re like, officially together now or what?

But, we seem to remember Harry taking Taylor Swift on a ski trip too, and that didn’t last too long.