So yesterday Liam officially announced ‘Midnight Memories’ as 1D’s next single, in the post below can you see the video, where we have to say he looks particularly fit!

Don’t you?


The official artwork for the single can be seen above – we just love all the red & black that’s being used on everything 1D right now – along with the new “roughened-up” One Direction logo. Oh yeh, and they all look super-hot!

The single is only being officially released outside the US though for some strange reason, however you can order it on iTunes as normal.

The single includes 3 exclusive live tracks, and starting from tomorrow, the official 1D Facebook page will be unveiling a secret GIF of the new Midnight Memories music video. Eek.

The video is out next Friday 31st January at 4PM GMT, and we reckon VEVO are quaking in their boots, ready for a mad 24 hours worth of views. Can we get our record back from Miley Cyrus? It’s gonna be tough, but the Directioner army are ready to do it.

So as soon as it’s out, we all need to watch it, and then watch it again. And then watch it 100 more times each! Be ready at 4PM GMT, which is 8AM PST / 11AM EST.

It’s about time we wrestled OUR record back from smelly old Miley 😉