One Direction just keep breaking record after record.

And as we try and reclaim the VEVO record on Friday when the video for Midnight Memories is released, the boys have already broken a different record.

A few months ago, the boys announced that they would play two nights at the Pasadena Rosebowl Stadium, then on Monday morning this week they announced that they would play another night.

This will make One Direction the first EVER band in the over 90 year history of the stadium to play three nights there!


The General Manager of the stadium Darryl Dunn said: “It’s really amazing. If you think about the history of the Rose Bowl that this is the first band ever the play three nights in our stadium in the 90 plus years of this place. It will be a lot of excitement in all of Pasadena for the One Direction days in September.”

While Rich Best, who is the Executive Vice President of Booking for Live Nation in SoCal & Las Vegas explained: “This is truly historic. No artist has played three nights at Rose Bowl Stadium before. That speaks to One Direction’s tremendous impact right now.

“It also reinforces the Rose Bowl’s status as a go-to venue for major shows. Concerts on this scale call for the infrastructure and expertise that the Rose Bowl is known for in the live-event industry.”

The boys will play the three dates at the stadium on the 11th, 12th and 13th September.

What do you think about One Direction’s latest record they’ve broken?