One Direction work SO hard, we know that.

But are they working too hard?

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They’ve been on a one month break, but it won’t be long until they’re preparing for their mammoth “Where We Are” tour and writing new music for their new album.

As well as the thousands of other appearances and things that Harry, Liam, Niall, Louis and Zayn have to do.

According to Hollywood media analyst Mike Raia, the boys could be at risk of burning out if they continue this way.

He said: “They may be young and full of energy but they will still have to pace themselves and occasionally step off the rollercoaster for a break. Otherwise they will burn out.”

Being that One Direction are so frequently compared to the Beatles, Raia worries that the pressure of trying to carry that off might have an effect on them.

“One Direction are being touted here as The Beatles of their generation. That’s one mighty heavy load to bear.” Raia continued: “There is a definite risk of burn-out unless they are allowed some time off to let off steam. It would be heart-rending to see them fall apart.”

Oh dear, we definitely don’t want that to happen to them!

But, what can we say, the boys just love their jobs and they’re hard workers!

That’s why we love them.