……..After Sending Her A Video Message From Aerosmith’s Steve Tyler


We all know how cute Zayn and Perrie are as a couple.

But now Zayn has gone and made Perrie cry.

No, there aren’t any more rumours and he hasn’t called off the wedding, he simply got one of her favorite singers, Steve Tyler from Aerosmith, to send her a congratulations message for Little Mix’s album getting to number 1 in the US chart.

Perrie’s reaction is what our reaction would be if we had a message from one of the 1D boys, so it’s nice to see that even though she is a global star, she is still like us in the fangirling stakes.

She tweeted: “On the way to our singing and I was given a gift… A video message from Stevie Tyler #SoHappy Perrie <3″

Followed by a second instagram video which showed the message from Steve Tyler: “I can’t get over this! My dad is going to fangirl so hard too! ahhhhhhh! Perrie <3″

Perrie then tweeted Zayn in one of the cutest tweets of the year.

“Thank you to the bestest most amazing person on earth @zaynmalik for getting me my video message! I’m the luckiest, love you! Perrie <3″

What do you think of Perrie’s reaction to the video? Same as you would be for One Direction?