Harry Styles jumping off a cliff – it sounds awful, but actually it’s quite a lot of fun…

Not in real life of course! This is a brand new mobile game called “Harry Dive”!


Game company JH Digital Solutions have created this fun new app, where Harry parachutes off a cliff. Using your finger, you have to help the cartoon Hazza get as many coins as possible, while avoiding dangerous obstacles such as trees and rocks!

The company has launched website 1DirectionGames.net, which makes us think there will be games for the other boys coming soon!

If you’ve recently been overly addicted to the annoying Flappy Bird, and you’re sad it’s been deleted from the app stores, why not start playing Harry Dive to fill that bird and pipe shaped gap in your life?

Harry Dive is available on both Android phones and tablets from the Google Play store, and can be added to your iPhone, iPad or iPod through the iTunes store.

Have you started playing “Harry Dive”? Tell us what you think about it in the comments below!

Source: OneDirection.net.