It feels like One Direction’s third album has only just come out.


We still listen to “Midnight Memories” everyday, but it looks like we’re soon going to have even more new One Direction to rock out to.

Following Wednesday night’s exciting BRIT Awards, Liam Payne got chatting to Capital FM.

Talking about working on the band’s upcoming fourth album, Liam teased: “We’ve been writing, all of us have been writing the next album…”

So, when could we be hearing this next album? Well, Liam said: “There’s another album coming out soon”

But will it be as good as ‘Up All Night’, ‘Take Me Home’ and ‘Midnight Memories’? It seems so! The Payne Train added: “And it’s sounding pretty good.”

Oooh we can’t wait! So, what will the new album be called?

Obviously Liam didn’t reveal anything like that – but we’re guessing it could follow the current title trend and be called something like “The Morning After”… Or “Breakfast Beats”. Sorry, those are terrible.

We’re looking forward to hearing even more about the album soon!

Who could be writing on it? Maybe there could be some more Ed Sheeran tracks? Possibly something by the McFly boys? And plenty by One Direction themselves of course!