According to rumours circulating on Twitter over the weekend, Zayn has an Instagram account! EEK!


The problem is that the account’s private which means that unless he accepts our requests, we won’t actually be able to see his the photos. I know, we were gutted when we found that out too!

We’d love to see new selfies of our gorgeous Zaynster every day but we’ll just have to hope that he or someone else shares the photos on Twitter.

It’s not actually confirmed whether the Instagram actually belongs to Zayn though so we don’t know how real it is but his Instagram account is apparently ‘niazkilam’.

For those of you who didn’t realise, that’s Zain Malik backwards!

The rumours came about after new photos were apparently posted on the page including: one of Zayn showing that his ying yang tattoo hasn’t been covered up by the new tattoo on his left wrist.

If it really is Zayn then he’ll be joining some of the other One Direction boys on the photo sharing app. Their accounts are: @harrystyles, @louist91, @niallhoran and of course @onedirection.

Like Zayn, Liam is also rumoured to have an account but it hasn’t been confirmed.

Do you think this is Zayn’s real Instagram account?