Remember back in January when Little Mix were rumoured to be supporting One Direction on their “Where We Are” tour this year?

We were all insanely fan girling and almost passed out from all the excitement. However, the rumours were then denied and it’s fair to say that we were absolutely devastated.


The thought of Little Mix and One Direction touring around the world together was just the best thing to ever happen in pop music. But, our hopes and dreams were shattered.

However, Little Mix have now confessed that the rumours weren’t complete rubbish after all, and that they WERE in fact in talks about possibly joining the 1D lads on tour!

Speaking to MTV about teaming up with the lads, Little Mix band member Jesy Nelson said: “There was talks about it but it just clashed; we are so busy. And, god, they are really, really busy.”

Dayyuuuuuum! Just when we thought the whole thing had come crashing down again, Jesy instilled a little glimmer of hope again, as she said: “You never know though, but for now, no.”

Well, maybe they won’t be popping up on One Direction’s “Where We Are” tour after all, but maybe next year yeah? Plz.

Whether this ever happens or not, we’re still holding out for a One Direction/Little Mix supergroup!