The picture below has caused a huge racism row on Twitter today…


Why? Because many Directioners feel that it’s inapporpriate for Harry Styles to be posing in a Native American headdress.

The chaos started when Harry added it as his Twitter profile picture, and some fans found it offensive to the culture.

Popular 1D Twitter fan account @1Dneews kicked up a fuss over the picture, posting:

cultural appropriation is not nice, regardless of context or intent. let’s leave it at that.

— 1D Updates (@1Dneews) March 14, 2014

Some One Direction fans were quick to jump to Harry’s defence and insist that his intentions were innocent and he had not set out to offend anyone, but others deemed the picture as “racist” which to be honest we find quite extreme!

The Twitter account added:

i don’t think harry is a bad person. i think there’s underlying inequality all around the world in current times. i know that i even-

— 1D Updates (@1Dneews) March 14, 2014

perpetuate it myself. that’s why it’s even more important to recognize our mistakes and to act on them.

— 1D Updates (@1Dneews) March 14, 2014

Harry has since removed the picture, reportedly because of the racist accusations that he was getting. We definitely wouldn’t blame him though, because we’re sure that he never meant for it to go that way he obviously just liked the picture.

The Twitter account later tweeted directly to Harry saying “love you”, so we hope that’s the end of that!

What do you guys think of all this?