Oooooh now this is exciting news!

One Direction are releasing a limited edition vinyl version of ‘Midnight Memories’ and it looks absolutely amazing!

Not only does it have a picture of One Direction turned rockstars on it, but the single also includes a live version of ‘Rock Me’ from the boys film This Is Us’.

The special edition single is being released as part of Record Store Day, where bands release limited edition singles and albums especially for collectors and avid fans to buy.

This years event takes place on Saturday 19th April, 2014 at independent music retailers across the UK.

Only a limited number of the special singles will be available (not online) so make sure you get there early, but if you’re friends want you to get one for them, they’ll need to queue up themselves as it is likely to be only one per person!

Will you be buying one of these special edition versions of ‘Midnight Memories?