The lads are rumoured to only be in the town for one day filming, which leads us to believe that they’re shooting a promo video rather than a whole music video. But, who knows?

BBC Points West claims it’s a music video, though. They said, “Clevedon Pier has been chosen by mega group One Direction to film a video for their latest track. Harry Styles and the rest of the band are in town for one day only, but thanks to the speculation on social media, they’re not alone – fans have already gathered to see them during their visit to the West.”

Wherever the One Direction lads end up there always seems to be a mob of girls following around, so we’re not surprised in the least. Especially when twitter is involved.

We just hope that it didn’t get crazy!

However, the rumours aren’t true of the boys only spending a day at the Pier. They were there filming on the 23 and the 24th of March.

Now, we haven’t got a clue what they were shooting. We just hope that they weren’t filming for very long because it looks like it was a cold day out on the beach from the pictures we’ve seen! Harry, Niall, Louis, Liam, and Zayn are all in winter coats and hats. Even those that are helping shoot are bundled up!

We will totally admit, however, that they all look absolutely adorable bundled up the way they are!

Should they be shooting a promo video for their next single off of ‘Midnight Memories’, or if they’re actually beginning to film for their next music video, we really hope the video is for ‘You and I’. It’s one of our absolute favourites and we’d like to see what they would do for that music video.

What single do you guys hope the promo video or the music video to be for? Let us know in the comments below!