One Direction are set to perform their coolest tour date EVER…. Literally.


The boys have announced that they will be taking the plunge and taking their ‘Where We Are’ tour to the icy cold Antarctic. One Direction will set up their WWA stage amongst the snow and the penguins, as part of their efforts to perform in all seven continents.

However, the decision wasn’t easy and the boys were given plenty of time to think about whether they really wanted to battle the arctic conditions.

Harry in particular found it hard to believe they would be travelling to the Antarctic, as he doesn’t cope with the cold weather too well… We expect he’s much too acclimatized to the heat of LA nowadays.

Speaking of the one-off show, a source said: “The boys were in two minds about agreeing to play the show, as they know it’s a massive deal.

“But, they want to do this for all of their fans out there in the Antarctic, so they’re going for it.” 1D really do have fans EVERYWHERE in the world, who knew it?

The boys will be compiling a special set list for the show, and one that they won’t be playing anywhere else again. The insider added that this will be a “special” and “memorable” experience for both the boys and the fans.

The exact date of the special show is yet to be announced, but won’t be until later this year.

We hope that the boys have their hats and gloves at the ready!