So tomorrow is the day that everyone has been waiting for.

It is the start of One Direction’s ‘Where We Are’ world stadium tour!

OMG! *Does a little celebratory dance*

Ever since it was announced at the press conference at Wembley Stadium last May that the boys would be doing a stadium tour there have been loads of things that we have wanted to know the answers to.

Will there be more dates? Well more were added but we don’t think any will be added now.

Who will support them on such a huge tour? The 5 Seconds of Summer boys have been invited back, which we’re incredibly excited about.

What will the setlist be? We won’t know that until tomorrow. There have been rumours of what songs will be played but we won’t know for certain until tomorrow night.

Will there be some nakedness or at least toplessness? – We really really hope so!

And the final question – What will the stage look like? Well wonder no more, pictures have been appearing on Tiwtter all day of the stage and it looks absolutely amazing, and incredibly big.


Look at how small the people above look compared to it!


And then there’s this side view of it with some colourful things going up the side.


Just look how happy this guy is putting together the stage!


And this final amazing nighttime pic with the lights and the colourful bits. Imagine One Direction on that stage …AHHHHHHH we can’t handle it!

Are you excited for the tour? What do you think of the piccies of the stage?