There have been rumours flying about for a while now that Liam has broken up with girlfriend Sophia.

Of course there was rumours earlier this week that Sophia didn’t think that their relationship would last until the Summer.

A source was reported as saying: “Sophia is worried that Liam’s growing more distant from her.”

They added: “He sometimes struggles to cope with fame. It’s as if he’s taking it out on her, he has tried to reassure her by saying everything is fine, but she’s told friends that she’s not sure it will even last until the summer.”

But it looks as though the pair may have already split up after Liam, whose increased use of twitter recently has pleased us, wrote on the social media site saying: “Can’t be without you”

Initially we thought that may be about one of the boys as a joke, but then he added: “Worse thing I ever did was let you go”.

OK so that’s not about the boys then.

He then posted: “No all I got left is the thought of you”


Neither of them have confirmed or denied anything about their relationship break up yet, so we won’t fully believe it until they do announce it.

But it’s hard to come to any other conclusion from those tweets.

So maybe Liam and Sophia have split up, or maybe they have split up but the posts were about his other ex Danielle Peazer?

Who do you think Liam’s tweets were about? Sophia or Danielle?