Can you imagine how exciting it would be to be the proud owner of a Zayn Malik formerly-owned and currently-autographed guitar?!


Insanely exciting, that is.

But what’s even better than Zayn raffling off this prized possession to the highest bidder?

Donating it to charity!

That’s right folks, instead of choosing to sell this priceless artifact and pocketing the (surely large) sum of cash, he donated it to Kean’s Children’s Fund in Dundee, Scotland!


And this isn’t just any guitar–this is the first guitar Zayn ever used as a member of One Direction!

He donated the guitar, along with an autograph and a personal message.

Charlie Kean, the owner of the organization, said:

“The boys from One Direction really do support the charity but it’s really Zayn and his mum Tricia that are always keen to lend a hand.”

This is so sweet! We knew that One Direction was very involved with charity work worldwide, but we didn’t know Zayn and his mother were even more involved!

Kean continued:

“I got a call from Zayn on the Sunday before the boys left for America and Tricia posted the guitar this week. I hope we’ll get around £20,000. But the band [has] some really dedicated fans, so who knows?”

Like he said, directioners are very dedicated, so we wouldn’t be surprised if the final sum is much more the expected £20,000, or $32,000.

In the end, the important thing to note is that Zayn gave up a guitar that was probably very valuable to him in order to help the less fortunate.

How much would you donate in order to win the guitar??