If you remember the Jonas Brothers from the height of their careers, you probably remember the song “Burnin’ Up.” Arguably the best part of that song is the rap by their bodyguard, Big Rob.

Well history repeats itself with boybands and lovable bodyguards – Paul Higgins is almost as well-known among Directioners as the boys themselves!


While we always knew that Paul seemed like a pretty awesome guy, we didn’t know exactly how awesome he was until recently.

While One Direction were performing in Peru, Paul Higgins took a field trip to a local prison to visit an Irish woman behind bars.

He brought chocolate eggs and KFC takeout to Michaella McCollum Connolly and her friend Melissa Reid, who were sentenced six years and eight months, respectively, after attempting to smuggle £1.5 million of cocaine out of the country.

A source commented, “Paul does a lot of work for charity that you just don’t hear about. He was in Peru with One Direction, and during his downtime he decided that the Christian thing to do would be to visit an Irish person who was in prison.”

The insider continued, “He felt that seeing a friendly face would give her a lift. He does not know her or the family, and he did not tell any of One Direction that he was going.

“He was just trying to do a good deed as he felt that there wouldn’t be many visitors coming from Ireland to see them. He is not there to judge them for what they did nor does he condone anything they have done.”

While visiting, Paul apparently talked to the two women about how he and the One Direction boys have learned to cope with the constant spotlight.

Melissa Reid’s father later commented, “I think it will have helped the girls to hear about how One Direction cope with fame because since everything has happened they’ve been pushed into the spotlight…but obviously for different reasons.

“It’s great of him to do that and take time out of his busy schedule to visit them.”

Paul also gave free One Direction tickets to the families of the two girls.

He is clearly a wonderful guy, and we love him even more now that we know how much he cares about others.

From OneDirection.net.