When we heard that One Direction were releasing You & I as their next single we thought it was a bit of an odd choice of song.

The single Midnight Memories was by far their worst charting song, and it is not that normal these days to release more than 3 singles off one album.

We do love the song, don’t get us wrong, we just thought they would have released a song maybe from album four next.

But now we know the real reason why the boys have decided to release You & I as a single and it’s because of you.

Yes you!

The boys have revealed that the song it about the relationship between the boys and the Directioners.

So if that song already made you cry, it will no doubt make you cry even more now.

The boys revealed the secret behind the single to The Celeb Culture.

Liam explained: “In a way the song is about the relationship with us and the fans. We wouldn’t be anything without the fans.”

While Niall added: “When you step on that stage and hear that first roar, it’s a game changer.”

Harry then said: “We’re so lucky to have the fans that we have. They’re outrageous, they are amazing.”

Seriously that may be the cutest thing the boys have ever said – we may have a little tear in our eye!

So what do you think about You & I being written about the fans? Are you as emotional as us?


From OneDirection.net.