And the boy-band’s secret is this: The guys are hard at work, filming a sequel movie to their hit 3D hit, “This Is Us”!

Director Morgan Spurlock confirmed the truly awesome news, and that the band is currently being filmed on their “Where We Are” world tour for the next One Direction movie.

Spurlock admitted yesterday to the Daily Star,

“Yes, there will be a follow-up to ‘This Is Us.’”
He added:

“At this moment, they are being filmed by the man behind the first movie, Ben Winston…Ben is with the band on their world tour, filming what happens. He worked with me, and is a great producer.”
In addition, Spurlock said this:

“There are no firm plans of what will happen to the footage. But top of the agenda is another movie.”
The director also confessed this nugget: “I know Simon Cowell wants the band to get awards for this, and was upset when they missed out on being nominated in the music category for an Oscar on our film…I was surprised they weren’t even considered.

“This time,” Spurlock revealed, “he will want them to try again!”

A source at the Daily Mirror also revealed that while the band’s management hopes to make a feature-film sequel, the footage they’re shooting could be a TV documentary, or even a special-event online film.

In the meantime, rock legend Roger Daltry of The Who recently admitted that he “admires” the lads greatly, and is a huge fanboy of One Direction’s music.

Daltry told the Sunday Mirror: “I admire what they have achieved…They’re nice guys…

“[And] if I was a 16-year-old girl,” he laughed, “I would love them. But I’m NOT!”