If you watched the Billboard Music Awards, you probably noticed Kendall Jenner’s slip of the tongue.

…chances are, if you didn’t watch the Billboard Music Awards, you probably still know about it.

At the awards, Kendall was in charge of introducing 5 Seconds of Summer. The introduction began perfectly, but went downhill pretty quickly.

She started out by saying, “Recently they made their debut on the billboard 200 number two.”

That was basically all that went well. She began another sentence by saying “This summer…” but immediately cut herself off and added, “And now we welcome…one…”


At which point she tried to duck out of the frame. Hiding her face in embarrassment? Or maybe trying to regain composure before finishing her speech?

She then added, “Guys, I’m the worst reader.”

Yeah Kendall, we know.

She finished up by saying, “They’re only getting bigger, take a look!”

Cue the summary video of 5SOS’s career.

So we all know that 5SOS and 1D are linked, as they toured together last year during the Take Me Home tour. Therefore, many directioners also support 5SOS.

So when Kendall slipped up, welcoming “one” somebody, was she about to say One Direction?

I suppose we’ll never know. However, it is interesting to note that she was chosen to announce 5SOS, given her recent relationship with Harry Styles.

So do you think Harry’s still on her mind? Maybe she wishes it was One Direction she was announcing instead of 5 Seconds of Summer…

From OneDirection.net.