Zayn Malik can “spit bars” guys, did you know that?

Let’s just translate ‘spitting bars’ to ‘rapping’ and then we can understand a little more.


According to DJ and producer Naughty Boy, Bradford Bad Boi Zayn is actually pretty sick at spitting some bars. Y’get me?

We all knew that the Zaynster was working on some tunes with Naughty Boy and Emeli Sandé, and had been showcasing his rapping skills.

And now, Naughty Boy has praised those very skills. Speaking to Capital FM at the Ivor Novello Awards, Naughty Boy said:

Zayn’s actually quite a good rapper, we’ve been in the studio doing some One Direction stuff, and he can spit bars! Of course he can! Big up Zayn and his bars.

So, it looks like we’re definitely getting some rap on One Direction’s next album, which is pretty exciting. Right?

One things for sure – 1D aren’t afraid of taking their music in different directions. From pop to rock and now to rap – we’ve had it all!

Teasing the “amazing” tune that we can expect to hear sometime soon – hopefully – Naughty Boy continued:

The song’s amazing that we’ve done. Emeli (Sande) wrote on it as well and this new guy Sam Roman who’s on my next single as well.

We’re all aware that One Direction are working with quite a few different artists and producers for their new album, such as Kodaline, McFly and Ryan Tedder, and Naughty Boy reveals that he thinks it’s a great thing that they’re branching out a bit.


Instead of the five of them just working together all of the time, he thinks it’s a great thing that they’re putting their A-list celeb contacts to good use. He said:

I think it’s good for them, because they’re different people at the end of the day. Your never gonna put them in a room and they’re like the same thing.

We hear loads about Harry, Liam and Niall in the studio with other artists, working on new material, but until we heard about Naughty Boy and Emeli Sandé, it was very rare for Zayn to be taking some studio time on his own with other artists.

And it looks like Naughty Boy was his first port of call when the Zaynster was deciding who to work with. He added:

I was the first producer (Zayn) actually spent time with outside the band, so I think it’s important to him that he’s got someone where there is a musical chemistry, and he can actually do what he wants.

We’re SO excited to hear Zayn’s rapping on the new album! If he can pull it off like he can with those high notes, then we’re in for a real treat!