So yesterday was a very special day for Harry’s mum Anne. As well as seeing her little boy on stage in a stadium full of screaming girls, it was also her first wedding anniversary with Harry’s step-dad Robin Twist.

Let’s just take our minds back to last year when Harry was spotted looking beautiful in his suit ready for the wedding.


Our hearts break just thinking about it, and a quick Google and we find those pictures which melted our hearts a year ago.

So of course Harry wanted to congratulate his mum and stepdad on their anniversary.

But this is Harry Styles we’re talking about and he couldn’t do it in a normal way now could he? Nope not a nice simple card or even a tweet showing his love.

He took the microphone whilst on stage at the Etihad Stadium and said: “I’ve got to say congratulations to my mother and her husband. It’s their one year wedding anniversary today. I love you…and thanks for letting me borrow your womb.”

Wow! Only Harry could get away with saying that!

It seemed the tribute and the strange thank you went down well with his mum though as she tweeted after the show saying: “Wow … just wow! Wonderful weekend with F&F rounded off with a little bit of a bop!”

What do you think of Harry’s speech to his mum? Cute or strange?