Louis Tomlinson probably has a lot on his mind right now.


He’s performing with One Direction in some of the world’s biggest stadiums and was recently stuck in the unfortunate controversy over the ‘weed’ smoking video.

However, no matter how busy he is on stage, and no matter how much bad press he’s got, one thing is very clear. Louis still can find a lot of time to take on the important task of looking after his sister Lottie.

Anyway, yesterday’s Daily Star Sunday revealed that 15 year old Lottie had been receiving “inappropriate” message by text and on Twitter from an unnamed 24 year old for several months.

The newspaper revealed she’d been receiving “racy chat-up lines and even semi-naked snaps”.

Anyway, last weekend a worried Lottie told all to her big brother Louis, ahead of One Direction’s performance in Manchester.

Louis really wasn’t happy and phoned up the creepy guy, saying: “You’re 24 and she is 15. What are you thinking?

“Don’t even think about coming to the stadium tonight. I don’t want to see you there.”

Since then a band ‘source’ said: “Louis wanted to be focused on playing at one of the biggest venues in the country but his sister comes first and he wanted to make sure he was protecting her.

“He didn’t hold back when he called the bloke. He was really angry about what had been going on.”

What a good big brother Lottie has got!

From OneDirection.net.