It’s official, One Direction are the sweetest people ever.


Earlier this week, we told you how One Direction managed a very special meet & greet with some of their seriously ill fans backstage at Wembley.

Thanks to the incredibly Rays Of Sunshine charity, 60 seriously ill Directioners got the chance to have their wishes granted and meet their idols.

Now, we’ve heard a particularly heart warming stories about one of the fans who went to the event – eight-year-old Freya Bojko.

Freya battles with cancer-like disease Langerhans cell histiocytosis, and thought she was going back to Great Ormand Street Hospital for treatment – but her parents were actually taking her to meet One Direction!

Speaking about her daughter’s incredible surprise Freya’s mum, Carrie, said: “It was just amazing. She was over the moon. We told her we were going to the hospital and she only realised what was going on when we got backstage.”

Not only did Freya get to meet One Direction, but she got a cuddle from them too! Carrie added: “The band all asked her how she was feeling and she got a cuddle and a kiss from everyone.”

Obviously, Freya was absolutely over the moon about meeting One Direction AND getting a selfie with Niall Horan, and Carrie continued: “Her friends were all really jealous. They all said: ‘No way!’ when Freya told them about it.”

We bet they were! We’re jealous, too!

Freya was actually supposed to be going to see One Direction in concert but unfortunately, her parents were victims of one of the many ticket scamming sites out there which was when they got in touch with Rays Of Sunshine.

Check out the video for the amazing Rays Of Sunshine event below.