Remember Anna Todd? She’s the writer of the popular One Direction Fan Fiction “After.”

Oh, you know, the story that was just landed Anna a six figure publishing deal? No big deal…


But that’s not all! It was just announced that after this story becomes a book, it will be made into a movie!

This whole experience must be completely unbelievable for Anna, who just a few weeks ago was simply a popular writer on Wattpad, publishing a chapter a day for her story.

As you may or may not know, hit novel “50 Shades of Gray” was written as a fanfiction for the Twilight series, so this is not the first time a fan-written story has been made into has been made into a book or a movie.

However, it is the first time that a One Direction fanfiction has been given this much attention.

Because of this, Anna reached out to aspiring writers and directioners alike, publishing “Top 5 Tips for Writing a One Direction Fan Fiction.”

First tip: “Go to Wattpad—Wattpad for sure. There’s already an audience there, and a community that are just looking for new stories to sink their teeth into.”

Second tip: “Let it happen. Don’t overthink it, just write whatever comes to mind. It’s your creation, and you don’t have to please anyone except for yourself.”

Third tip: “Don’t worry about the read count. Everyone starts with no reads, and if you focus on that you will go insane, literally.”

Fourth tip: “Have fun; don’t forget why you started writing it.”

Fifth tip: “Write what makes you happy. Don’t listen to negative comments—you’re doing this for you. Focus on the positive feedback.”

So there you have it. Take her advice and you may just be the next One Direction writer to land a book and movie deal!