Have you ever caught yourself looking through the One Direction online shop at stuff you already have and stuff you really wish you had, and you would have if you had the money to buy it all.

Whilst looking through the mounds and mounds of merchandise have you ever thought, One Direction, even though they’re boys should really release their own range of makeup.

Well wish no more, One Direction are actually releasing their own makeup!

We are crazy excited about this, it should be absolutely amazing!

Niall revealed the news last night on Twitter and the bands Facebook page by posting a picture of his hands with the new makeup lines on them.

From his expert modelling we can see three nail varnishes. A purple glittery one, our favourite the pink one and also a black one.

On his right hand there appears to be eye shadows in green, browny-red, black and two blues along with two lip glosses or lipsticks.

We’re struggling to work out what is on his left hand but we think there is a blue mascara a red shiny lip gloss and then a silver and black sparkly eyeliner (we think it is that anyway, it could be eyeshadow).

Even though we haven’t even seen the packaging yet which we know will look absolutely amazing, we can’t wait to get our hands on all these makeup essentials!

Keep an eye on our site and we’ll keep you up to date on the release date of the makeup along with pictures of the packaging when we get them!

What do you think of the makeup? Will you be buying it?

From OneDirection.net.