Directioners are the most passionate fandom there has ever been.

That’s pretty much a fact.


Some might say ‘crazy’ or ‘obsessive’, but we prefer ‘passionate’. There’s not many fandoms out there that are like Directioners – and that’s exactly why they’re the BEST!

However, X Factor star Leona Lewis has revealed that she just could not deal with a fandom on the level of Directioners – and she reckons that she’s pretty lucky she doesn’t have to!

Speaking to Digital Spy, she spoke about how her fan base is no where near on par with One Direction’s, and she’s glad about that.

“I’ve been quite lucky in that sense,” Leona Lewis said.

But, what makes her think that Directioners are all that bad? Well, she added: “I’ve never had anyone hide in a bedroom [or had] someone get into my hotel room.”

Oh, c’mon! It’s not like that sort of stuff happens every day. We will admit that some Directioners can take things a little too far, but they’re not all like that.

Leona Lewis added: “What One Direction have, that’s just terrible. Oh my God, those boys. Boybands, phew, that’s a whole other level [of fandom]. I’m good.”

We wouldn’t exactly call having a dedicated fan base “terrible”, would you?

One Direction world can get a little crazy at times, but we’re sure that most bands/artists would LOVE to be in 1D’s situation right now.

Directioners are the best fandom ever. Agree?