We’ve finally had the chance to watch 1D’s appearance on Deal Or No Deal, and it’s adorable.


We reported on Monday that the boys would be appearing on the UK gameshow some time this week, and now footage of it has appeared on the internet.

As you will know, one of their closest friends James Corden is set to appear on the show on Friday, playing to win money for charity.

As a bit of a booster for James, One Direction get a very brief appearance in the form of a video clip. Unfortunately, they don’t actually walk onto the set – which would have been fab.

It appears One Direction might have actually been booked on the show by accident, as the shows host, Noel Edmonds, tells James that he has a video message from “that well known, popular group The Rolling Stones.”

A confused looking James looked on and the audience burst into a fit of laughter when One Direction appeared on the screen.

In the clip, which looks remarkably similar to 1D’s ‘You & I’ single announcement video, Liam says: “Hi James, we just wanted to wish you luck on your appearance on deal or no deal. We hope it goes really well and bring home the bacon.”

Louis adds to the message with some pretty epic advice: “Choose the right box and …yeah, good luck,” while Niall simply adds: “Best of luck.”

Great advice there, Louis. We’ll have to wait until Friday to see if James does choose the right box and wins loads of money for charity.

But for now, check out the clip of One Direction’s appearance below.

Tune into Channel 4 on Friday at 8pm to watch the full show.

From OneDirection.net.