Being in One Direction must be great most of the time.

Getting to tour the world with your best friends whilst doing a job you love.

And even getting a private jet to the next gig!

Yes, earlier today the boys took a private jet over to Switzerland for their show at the Stade de Suisse in Bern tonight.

Niall posted an incredibly hot pic of himself with the lovely Lou Teasdale on the plane with the caption “Plane mates! @louteasdale”

Seriously, Niall just gets hotter and hotter every time we see a picture of him, although why he’s wearing sunglasses when he’s inside on a plane we don’t know!

Sitting across from Lou and Niall was the lovely Harry. And no unfortunately we weren’t on the plane with them to find out that information, it came from another instagram post.


Lou posted a pic of our favourite curly haired boy looking incredibly chilled out, and also a lot like Ace Ventura Pet Detective. Clearly Harry is making the most of the summer!

Following the gig in Switzerland tonight, the boys have a day off before heading back to Italy, but this time Turin to play at the Stadio Olympico.

After that there are only four more dates left on the European leg of the ‘Where We Are’ Tour! Hasn’t hat gone quick!

The boys will play Barcelona on Tuesday before playing two dates in the Spanish capital Madrid on the 10th and 11th July.

They will then end the European leg of the tour in Porto, Portugal next Sunday!