One of the big moments on One Direction’s 2013 ‘Take Me Home’ tour was the band’s cover of Wheatus’s 2000 hit “Teenage Dirtbag”.

Their amazing cover of the classic tune saw the two bands strike up a friendship, with Wheatus even hitting out against The Wanted during One Direction’s 2013 Twitter feud.


Anyway, after One Direction performed “Teenage Dirtbag” at all of their 2013 live shows, Wheatus returned the favour by covering a 1D track.

However, it didn’t receive as much praise as One Direction did when singing Wheatus’s track. In fact, a man jumped out of the crowd and attacked Wheatus frontman Brendon B!

Chatting to Metro about the incident, he said: “We were playing a cover of ‘What Makes You Beautiful’ at a show in Margate last year, someone in the audience didn’t like it and attacked me on stage.

“We have an interesting mix of old and young people at our shows and I think this person was a little too old and drunk to even be there in the first place.”

“The guy was just angry,” he continued. “He didn’t land a single blow as hard as he tried, he pulled me off the stage and got me in the audience, but I was on the wrestling team in high school.

“I’m not ready to just be a pacifist if someone attacks me, so he didn’t get very far.”

He went on to reveal the incident inspired Wheatus’s new track “Only You”, which features One Direction’s live tour band members Sandy Beales and Josh Devine.

“He did have a go though and this song’s about that, the nonsense of violence because of music. Like, violence because you don’t like a song that we’re playing – are you kidding me? Have you even heard of Syria? Grow up!

“That’s what the narrative is about in the video, but we did it with Lego to make it even more preposterous!”

Finally, Brendon said: “‘What Makes You Beautiful’ is in the set because it’s a great song. And we actually enjoy rocking out to it.”