Harry Styles might be an amazing singer, a brilliant song writer and one hell of a good looking lad, but now he can add something else to the list of his impressive achievements.

He’s managed to bring back the voice of a mute fan, just by blowing a kiss!


Harry worked his miracle magic during a show at London’s Wembley Stadium last month, towards the end of the UK leg of the “Where We Are” tour.

15 year old Laura Yeates hadn’t been able to speak for a whole six months, after getting both laryngitis and pharyngitis.

Metro reported that Laura had gone to hospital several times and had sessions with speech therapists, but nothing worked.

Enter our hero Harry Styles.

Laura’s voice came back after he mum Carly took her to Wembley Stadium to watch 1D perform live – but how did it happen?

Laura told Metro: “On the day of the concert I was slightly upset because I would not be able to enjoy the atmosphere as much as the rest of the crowd.

“But we got so close to the stage and as Harry came over, he chucked water over us.

“I tried to scream, just to make him notice me, and when he blew a kiss in my direction, a scream came out.”

She continued: “I said to my mum, ‘Mum listen’, and as I tried to carry on screaming, my voice was coming back more and more.”

Also chatting to Metro, Laura’s mum said: “I was gobsmacked, I cried. Then she called her father and he cried. I wasn’t a big fan but I am now.

“She went in not talking and she came out talking, and she hasn’t stopped.”

Finally, Laura said: “No psychiatrist, no speech and language, no doctor or nurse could bring my voice back, but One Direction could.”

From OneDirection.net.