Everyone knows that Liam Payne is the workout-junkie of One Direction.

While all the boys are in tip-top shape, Liam in particular has been known to be obsessed with the gym. And boy, does it pay off. Those abs of steel are hard to beat…

That being said, it’s safe to say that we’ve seen quite a few pics of Liam shirtless. After all, if he’s got the body, why not flaunt it?!

However, he has always been pretty modest and down to earth. And the occasional Twitter fight (and a dangerous stunt on the ledge of a balcony) aside, he’s always flown pretty under the radar.

Well, as under the radar as a world famous pop star can be…

But on Sunday, Liam posted something that shocked the Twitter world and altered his image a bit.

He posted a naked photo of himself on a boat along with the caption, “Damn that was my last pair!”


Oh Liam, always the joker. We’re only left to assume that he is referring to his boxers, which have clearly gone missing…

He pixilated the picture before posting it, leaving our imaginations running wild.

However, he then broke our hearts and posted another picture, revealing that he definitely wasn’t naked.

Following on from his original comment, he wrote: “Oh I found them never mind aha”


Oh well, a picture of Liam Payne not wearing much is still a treat for us all!

From OneDirection.net.