Directioners, we need your help!


We’re battling it out to win the title of “Best Fandom 2014″ and it’s proving to be a tough one!

Of course, we know that Directioners ARE the best fandom EVER – not just in 2014 – but we need that to be confirmed officially, please.

So, we’re up against the likes of Swifties, Selenators and Mahomies for this years title but, most worrying of all is the competition that we’re facing from the Beliebers.

Directioners are currently topping the leaderboard, but Justin Bieber’s fans are slowly creeping up behind us hoping to snatch our place at the top spot!

Currently, Directioners are winning with 1,342,462 votes and Beliebers are behind with 1,339,719 votes.

In order to help Directioners clinch the title that we know they deserve, we need to tweet:

#BestFandom2014 Directioners

It’s as simple as that!

In the tweet, you can include some of your favourite One Direction memories, photos, videos or whatever you want.

And we might have a look at it! 😉