Every Directioner has a favourite member of One Direction.

Some will happily admit which one it is and say that they maybe don’t like one or two of the others as much, while others won’t say who their favourite is incase of offending anyone.

So seeing as 5 Seconds of Summer have spent so much time with the boys over the past two years they are in the best position to make a decision on who their favourite member is.

Who do you think it is….


Well Michael explained to We Love Pop magazine: Michael: “We understand Niall. We get him. We are one.”

However he did reveal that there is one member he doesn’t get on with as well: “I’m most different to Louis, as he is really funny and I’m not.”

Ashton also chose the gorgeous Irish man as his favourite: “I get along really well with him.”

While Calum revealed the secret behind both bands getting on so well: “Yeah I agree. I would say all nine of us lads are pretty similar – that’s why we get on so well.”

5SOS were also asked what makes them different from the rest of the bands out there at the moment.

Calum said: “We definitely are different. We do our own thing and other bands do theirs. We wouldn’t be good at doing what other bands do.

“We’re great at doing the silly stuff like dropping guitars and other bands are good at singing. We have great vocals too but we try and put on the best show we can.”

So who is your favourite member of One Direction then?

From OneDirection.net.