One Direction have a BRAND NEW look!

Well, it’s not brand new to us as we’ve seen the look a million times on their “Where We Are” tour this year, but it’s new to the One Direction waxworks at Madame Tussauds.


As you can see, the One Direction waxworks have had a well needed wardrobe overhaul – and they look fabulous!

The waxy outfits have been taken from One Direction’s signature 2014 stage looks, complete with Harry Styles’ bandanna.

Liam rocks his red and black checked shirt over a white tee, while Zayn keeps it cool in a long-sleeved Harley Davidson shirt.

Nialler sticks to his green and white basketball top with white sneakers and the perfect quiff, and Louis is rockin’ his Stone Roses t-shirt layered under a denim jacket.

Of course, it’s black skinny jeans, brown boots and a loud palm print shirt for Harry. And we wouldn’t have it any other way.

Here’s what they looked like prior to the makeover:


That is so 2012.

The boy’s waxworks are looking smokin’ hot and ready for summer, the only thing that’s missing now is their facial hair! Where are Zayn, Liam and Louis’ beards?! Oh, don’t even get us started on Louis’ hair. What’s going on with that?

Other than that, we reckon Madame Tussauds have done a pretty brilliant job of vamping up the boys’ wardrobes – so, well done guys!

Madame Tussauds London Marketing, Manager Matthew Clarkson, said: “We never doubted that One Direction would be a huge hit here at Madame Tussauds London, and as the band goes from strength to strength, they continue to be firm favourites with our guests.

“‘They arrived in April last year dressed in clothing donated by the group, but we want to make sure the figures reflect the boys’ latest, more summery style. Die hard fans will recognise these new outfits which are inspired by their recent This Is Us tour look.”

Eh? Their what now? Their “This Is Us” tour? Think we must have missed that one.

We’ll let him off for getting “Where We Are” and “This Is Us” mixed up though, it can be tough to keep track.

How awesome do the new One Direction summer waxworks look?