It’s not long now until One Direction release their new single.

The single will be the first cut from their upcoming album, and we’re expecting to hear an announcement about it later this month.

The track is expected to take them out of their ‘pop’ days for good, and even move them away from their more recent ‘rockier’ sound.

Liam recently confessed of their new album: “We’re really hands on this time. A lot of our singles are bold and pop, but there’s a chill factor on the new one. It’s like driving down a road in California on a lovely day.”

Thanks to a new source, we can exclusively reveal that One Direction will be trying their hand at a more ‘indie rock’ vibe after being largely influenced by the likes of The 1975, who they’ve been working with on the album.

Of course, this is a very different sound to what we’re used to hearing from One Direction, but we think it could work.

After digging around for some new info on their new single, a source finally revealed to us:

Ryan Tedder wrote their new single, and thinks it fits One Direction’s new style perfectly. It’s less pop/rock and more ‘chilled’ vibes, it’s cool.

So, it looks like their latest single won’t be the one written with Naughty Boy then, which has come as a bit of a shock!

As with every other album, One Direction have tried to mix things up a bit with their style of music, and it seems like their next album is no exception.

The source added: “The new album is totally different to ‘Midnight Memories’, in a way that will give One Direction a new edge to their music as they’re trying desperately to engage with a new audience.

Taking their music into a different genre was completely the band’s idea, and they’re hoping to gain some new fans with the new album.

First rap, now indie rock, what next? It looks like our boys are experimenting with a lot of different styles. One thing’s for sure, we sure can’t wait to hear them all.

What do you think about One Direction going for a new sound?