We are quite strange!

Those are the words of Liam Payne, talking to Top Of The Pops magazine this week.

The Paynster was chatting up TOTP about his band One Direction, and their mysterious pre-show rituals.

What do the boys in the band do, before going out on stage?

How do they get psyched up, to perform in front of hundreds of thousands of screaming Directioners, night after night after night?

Here’s what Liam revealed:

“We do this huddle,” he said, “where we all put our hands together and say something. But we change it up with every continent we go to.”

For instance?

“[For instance,]” Liam added, “For South America, it was ‘The Lion Sleeps Tonight.’”

Liam then laughed, and proclaimed: “We are quite strange!”

Liam also spoke out about the ongoing “Where We Are” tour of North America, saying: “We’ve played at arenas before, but never any stadiums. So it’s very different this year, when we walk out and it’s open air…

“It has a festival vibe!” he said.

Here’s what Harry Styles had to say, on the same subject:

“When you’re doing these big stadiums,” Harry added, “you’re so conscious that if you stand still for more than a few seconds, you think, ‘This stage is so big, and I’m so small!’ So I look really bad!”

The band’s playing Detroit this weekend, with opening act 5 Seconds Of Summer.

Here’s what the Detroit press had to say, about the opening night of 1D’s stadium show:

“In four short years, the English-Irish fivesome has climbed the ladder to international superstardom, and the group is now doing multiple stadium engagements in cities across America…They don’t play the typical boy-band games, and they have an aversion to choreography and canned performances…That is the key to their charm. In their own way, they keep it real!”