The One Direction boys have been getting their hands dirty.

Well, covered in cement to be precise.

The boys have lent their oh so lovely hands to the Stade De France Boulevard in Paris, where they buried their hands in cement to produce their handprints.

It was about two months ago when the boys were over in France for their ‘Where We Are’ tour, that they were grabbed backstage to get their hands stuck in.

And now, pictures of their hands-on fun have been released.

It’s safe to say that Nialler looks a little more than happy about his handprint.

Nobody could ever accuse Louis of showing off but look…. LOOK AT HIS HAND. IT’S STUCK IN CEMENT.

Looks like Zayn doesn’t really know what’s going on. Either that, or he just ain’t got time to be messing around with cement.


Harry definitely made the task look more difficult than it should have been. We’d love to have seen the few seconds following this picture, reckon he nearly fell into it.


Liam got the central spot on the plaque. Do you think that means he’s got the best hands? Y’know what they say about good hands…

And it all turned out well in the end.

Looking good, boys!