Well, isn’t this some exciting news!

We’ve been waiting for some new One Direction music for AGES now. Well, 4 months to be precise – since the release of “You & I”.

But, there’s been so many rumours and hints about new tracks and their new album that we just can’t hold it in anymore and we’re literally bursting with excitement!

We’re not expecting to see One Direction’s new album until at least November, but we could be hearing the very first cut from it in less than a month.

According to rumours circulating on Twitter, the boys are set to hit us with their next single on 19th September – just over three weeks away!

If the rumours are true, then we could get to purchase the song on iTunes in October… Which is MEGA exciting!

Wer’re not sure how the rumour started, and it hasn’t yet been officially confirmed, but fans are going crazy about the news on Twitter.

One Direction are set to play at the Sun Bowl Stadium in Texas as part of their ‘Where We Are’ tour on 19th September, so if the single news is true – the Texas Directioners could even get the very first live performance of the track!

Now, we don’t know too much about the track but we did recently find out that it will be a completely different sound to what we’re used to hearing from 1D, and it’s set to completely shock us.

Are you excited for the new single?

From: Onedirection.net