Harry rushed back to the UK earlier this week for “personal reasons” and unfortunately we found out earlier today it was his Grandma that had passed away. Harry was obviously subdued as he passed through the airport, not spending anytime chatting with fans like he usually does.

Beryl Styles was 86 and Harry’s Dad Des Styles, posted this on Twitter earlier today:



#RIPNannyS started trending on Twitter and as we type this article it’s currently the number one worldwide trend. Here’s what some of you are saying:

Harry deserves all the best things in this world. I hope he realizes that.

I want to hug harry so badly right now and make sure he’s okay after everything that’s happened but I can’t and that makes me sad #RIPNannyS

She’s gone now but she’s in peace and is still inside your heart. Stay strong

According to some, it turns out that Harry was sadly mobbed by a few fans at the funeral which isn’t what he needs at this moment in time.

#RIPNannyS this is so sad. Please give Harry privacy I can’t believe that he got mobbed yesterday after all this that’s horrible.

If you’re a true fan you know when is the right time and place for fangirling

The fact that he got mobbed was bad enough but to know he was mobbed after his grandmother’s funeral is even worse #RIPNannyS

Let’s all give Harry and his family the respect they deserve.