Niall Horan decided to celebrate his upcoming 21st birthday a little bit early this year.


The 1D heartthrob will be in America, performing in sunny California on his September 13th birthday. So what better way to start the party a week early, than holding a MASSIVE birthday bash in an East London club, put on his Niall’s older brother Greg!

Present at Niall’s big blow-out were MTV’s Laura Whitemore, RTE presenter Eoghan McDermott, and the “Voice Of Ireland” coach Bressie.

Eoghan and Laura posted Twitter pix of the celeb, for all of Niall’s fans to see.

“So apparently someone is turning 21,” Laura Whitmore captioned one photo.

And any fans wondering who the birthday boy was quickly got the message, as the pic pictured the group of celebrants wearing NIALL HORAN FACEMASKS!!!

Niall’s bro Greg also posted pix of he and the Niallster, with this loving caption:

“Big love bro nearly 21 wow I remember the day u were born mate love you more than anything and I’m so proud xx”

Eoghan McDermott had teased fans earlier this week that he and some buds had created a photographic collage for Niall’s 21st.

“We’ve decided to give him a big photo collage,” Eoghan write, “because realistically there are not many presents you could buy him — when in a band like [One Direction] there’s little he wouldn’t already have!”

Directioners no doubt know this li’l factoid: Niall isn’t the youngest member of One Direction. Handsome Harry Styles is — Harry won’t turn 21 until January of 2015.

Do you have any early birthday wishes you’d like to send Niall?