OMG! One Direction’s upcoming album is called ‘Four’!

Guys! This is MASSIVE news! Check out the cover art for the album…


OMG! Is that not just the best thing you’ve ever seen?!

The boys announced the MEGA exciting news just minutes ago with an awesome announcement video.

The album will be released on 17th November, but is available to pre-order soon.

Liam said: “Hi guys, we wanted to record a message for you as we’ve got something special to tell you.

“You guys have always been there for us, you’re the reason we get to do this job every day and you mean the world to us.”

Niall added: “So because you’ve supported us so much we wanted to give a little something back. As you know, we’ve spent the last few months on our stadium tour but we’ve also been working on our next album.”

Harry chipped in: “We’re really proud of it and we hope you don’t mind us sharing a track with you right now for free on our website.”


The track is from their brand new album ‘Four’ and it’s called Fireproof. It’s available to download free for the next 24 hours on One Direction’s website.

Of course, the website is currently down due to the amount of traffic that it just can’t handle.

So instead, you can listen to the amazing new track here whilst the site recovers:

OMG! How amazing it?!

What do you think of the new track? And are you excited for the new album?