It’s Nialler’s 21st Birthday!
To wish him a very happy birthday we’ve put together a few of our favourite Niall Horan Moments of all time!


X Factor audition

Of course, this was the first ever time we set our eyes on Niall Horan so that’s got to be one of the best moments of our lives, right?

Surprisingly, the judges weren’t too blown away by his performance of Ne-Yo’s ‘ So Sick’, but it was his personality that won them over in the end.

Imagine if Niall didn’t get that final ‘yes’ from Katy Perry, where would we be now?

Purple hair

Who remembers when Nialler dyed his hair purple?

It was back in November last year when he decided to have a bit of a change of style…

Actually, it was just in aid of 1D Day but we LOVED it.


Theo Horan

Back in July 2013, Niall Horan showed off his new baby nephew to the world – the gorgeous Theo Horan!

Which, of course, brought us the most adorable picture of Niall we’ve EVER seen! Niall tweeted at the time: “Congrats Greg and Denise! Wohoooo! I’ve got a nephew! Cutest kid ever!”

And now, Theo is now 14 months old! Crazy!


“I really need the toilet”

Rewind back to November 2013, and Nialler possibly did the most embarrassing yet hilarious thing that a person can.

Whilst One Direction were being interviewed on The Jonathan Ross Show, he only went and blurted out that he needed the toilet!

He said “I’m going to embarrass myself… I really need the toilet.”

This is pretty random but it’s one of our fave Niall moments ever because it’s just so Niall!

Raising £300,000 for charity

In May this year, Nialler organised a charity football match in aid of the Irish Autism charity.

The match had a star-studded lineup including Harry Styles, Olly Murs, James Corden and many more.

It was revealed that Niall raised a whopping £300,000 from the match – what an amazing guy!


Ice Bucket Challenge

There’s not much we can say about this one, except who wouldn’t want to see Niall Horan’s soaking wet body?

Best. Moment. Ever.



Need we say more?

Talk Dirty To Me

Yet another one of our highlights from 1D Day last year – except this time Niall was half-naked!

And, the footage was actually featured in a special video for Jason Derulo’s ‘Talk Dirty To Me’.

Who doesn’t love that?!

Of course, there’s LOADS more fabulous Niall Horan moments we can think of, but we’ve just picked out a few of our faves to celebrate his birthday this weekend!

What’s your fave Niall moment ever?