Omg, Liam Payne is injured and has a cast on his arm?! Something terrible must have happened!!!

Actually, no.

He was break dancing.

You heard right – the one and only Liam Payne injured himself break dancing.

The star was celebrating Niall Horan’s 21st birthday in Las Vegas, and ended up in the emergency room after some dance moves went a little wrong.

Liam was throwing shapes on the dance floor, and, according to MailOnline’s source, “got a bit carried away”.

Oh Liam…

The injury didn’t hold Liam back though – not long after having his hand plastered up, he was soon back partying with friends, in a pretty amazing looking hot tub on the hotel roof!


Picture taken from Twitter.

The news was confirmed by Liam’s mate Andy Samuels, who was asked on Twitter by a fan what had happened.

He replied: “We decided to break dance, he got carried away. You know how it is haha”

Poor Liam! Hope you get better!