We’ve been sent something AMAZING…

Some of you are going to scream “fake”, but some of you are going to scream “OMG”. An anonymous source sent us a photo earlier on, of what is apparently the ‘FOUR’ album back cover!

Of course, that means we also get to see the titles of all the songs on the new album!


The tracklist features songs we already know such as “Steal My Girl” and “Fireproof”, as well as rumoured Naughty Boy penned song “One Chance To Dance”.

There’s plenty of other tunes on there we had no idea about though, including “Want You To Be There”, “Leaving London” and “Growing Closer”.

They all sound amazing!

The tracklist reads:

1. Steal My Girl
2. One Chance To Dance
3. All The Things You Do
4. We’re Not Alone
5. Growing Closer
6. Leaving London
7. Get Away
8. I Never Tell Her No
9. Want You To Be There
10. Fireproof
11. Autumn Leaves
12. Burning Up

We can’t confirm if this is authentic or not, but it looks pretty real to us!

Also, Zayn tweeted yesterday:

That makes us think this is the real thing even more!

What do you think? Real or not?

Also, going from the titles, which track are you most excited to hear?