Yesterday, we found out that Ed Sheeran has written a song for One Direction’s upcoming album “FOUR”.

Ed Sheeran performing ‘Sing’ on BBC Radio 1

He previously wrote tracks such as “Moments”, “Over Again” and “Little Things” for the band’s first two albums, but was absent from their third, “Midnight Memories”.

However, speaking recently, Zayn Malik confirmed Ed had written for the boys’ fourth album, revealing: “The one that he wrote, more of a ballad. But I think we are going in that kind of lane. It sounds cool, we’ll take that.”

Ed Sheeran also confirmed the news, but said there was still time for the tune to be taken off the final tracklist.

He said at the iHeartRadio Music Festival: “You never know, it might happen last minute where it’s taken off, like that’s how it works in this industry, so you never know.”

Hopefully, Ed’s song will make it onto the final album – well, WE hope so anyway. His record label might be thinking otherwise…

Ed has now revealed that is record label got a little annoyed with him, after he gave number one single “Little Things” away to One Direction in 2012.

“I wasn’t gonna do it,” he told Smallzy on Australian radio station Nova. “Basically, my record label got very annoyed that my first number one was a song that I gave to someone else, and they were kind of like ‘don’t do it’.”

He also said that because of this, he turned down Simon Cowell when he initially asked him to write for “FOUR”.

Obviously, he has since changed his mind, but are Ed’s record label annoyed once again?

Commenting on his new 1D track, Ed said: “It’s one of these songs that I wouldn’t have used for myself.

“It’s written specifically for them.”