Are the lads in One Direction much more than just huge admirers of those Aussie hunk punk-poppers in 5 Seconds Of Summer?


Could there be some other reason than just loving 5SOS’s music, and the guys themselves, for 1D to be among the biggest supporters of 5SOS?

According to MTV News and Billboard, there is — and it involves money.

Billboard reported this week that Harry, Niall, Louis, Liam, and Zayn each “have a personal stake in 5 Seconds Of Summer’s success.”

According to Billboard, the guys in One Direction “collectively hold a 50-percent stake in the London-based company known as ‘5SOS LLP.’”

“And based on those shares,” reported MTV, “each of the ‘Steal My Girl’ singers has earned approximately $25,000, based on the Australian pop-punk outfit’s music sales alone.’”

A One Direction band insider put it this way: “[One Direction] was going to put someone on as their opening act on the [‘Where We Are’] tour anyway. Why not put somebody that they have a financial interest in?”

5SOS served as one of the support bands on both the “Take Me Home” tour and the “Where We Are” tour, in 2013 and 2014.

So a boost for the boys in 5SOS turns out to be a boost in the pocketbooks and the bank accounts for our 1D heroes.

Do you Directioners like seeing that connection, between the two biggest bands currently on the planet?

Does it bother you that Harry & Co. are making bookoo cash off the boys in 5SOS?

Or does it feel like 5SOS’s mega-fast rise to the top has been manufactured by One Direction?