Who is Harry Styles supporting on this year’s The X Factor?

The UK talent show launched the careers of the One Direction lads back in 2010, and it’s looking to throw some more new names into the limelight with the start of this year’s live shows tomorrow.

Amongst the groups performing live tomorrow are a new unnamed eight member boyband, and American girl duo Blonde Electra.

However, it’s four-piece Only The Young that Harry Styles has had his eyes on.


The interesting group are made up of lads Mikey Bromley and Charlie George, and girls Betsey-Blue English and Parisa Tarjomani.

Talking about Harry Styles to OK! Magazine, Parisa said: “He watched our videos on YouTube and we went and saw One Direction on tour. He saw us and pointed at us like: ‘I watched your video!’. Well that’s alright, innit?”

Fellow OTY member Mikey continued: “I don’t know how we could get another video to him now with all the million people tweeting him. Has anyone got his address? Maybe we’ll go round and see him.”

This weekend’s first live shows will also feature performances from stars Taylor Swift and Pharrell Williams, as well as the unveiling of four wild card contestants.

Check out Only The Young performing on The X Factor below. What do you think of them?