Directioners are going mad in the cinemas and on Twitter this weekend, as the lads’ madly-anticipated second movie “Where We Are” has opened in theaters around the globe.

Think the fans went nutso over the first One Direction film, “This Is Us,” back in 2013?

Well, this time the 1D fanbase has melted-down Twitter, and pretty nearly broken the Internet!

The live-concert film of Harry, Louis, Liam, Zayn and Niall performing in Milan during the “Where We Are” tour offers moviegoing fans the chance to see their heroes, not just on the silver screen, but IN MASSIVE CLOSE-UPS!!!

Directioners coming out of the first showings of the movie immediately bombarded Twitter, to throw down their praise and worship at the feet of the five lads.

And according to theater owners, fans in many cinemas BEGAN SCREAMING AS SOON AS THE LIGHTS WENT DOWN!!!

Reviews from the media have been almost universally positive for the film.

The Guardian called it “a giddy moment of mass hysteria.”

They added: “It will provide the same squeals of delight [as ‘This Is Us’]…If you can’t imagine the sound, think of something like the sound of a hysterical bat being electroducted while attempting polyphonic singing through a vocoder…”

The Guardian review then went on to say: “Fans familiar with One Direction’s previous cinematic outing may feel somewhat short-changed by the dearth here of behind-the-scenes footage…[But] the 1D boys are growing up, and Harry Styles — the one with the most distinctive voice and the most interesting hair — has grown more handsome…

And one more thing, noted the Guardian: “There wasn’t a single vacant seat, at the screening we attended.”

Will YOU be screaming, as soon as the lights go down?