Oh dear, Harry Styles is looking a little worse for wear.

Poor Hazza was papped vomiting on the side of an LA Freeway, after getting his friend to pull the car over.

Seeing Harry suffering like this caused some major upset in One Direction world, but some some believe that his upset stomach was self-inflicted.

This is because photos surfaced online of him stumbling out of Nice Guys after Lily Allen’s concert afterparty the night before.

Apparently, he could barely walk in a straight line when he left the club, and was forced to hold onto a friend’s hand to keep him upright.

Harry Styles drunk after Lily Allen party
Of course, Harry is only 20-years-old, which means he would be breaking the law if he was to drink in the USA, where the legal age is 21. And Harry Styles wouldn’t break the law, would he?

Well, according to Harry’s pal Ed Sheeran, Harry always plays by the rules and definitely abides by the drinking laws.

Ed Sheeran told Metro: “If I’m being totally honest I’ve never seen him drink in America. And that’s not me being politically correct. He’s come round my flat and I’ve had a Corona and he’s had a diet coke.”

Maybe Harry had just ate something a bit dodgy? Who knows! But we can’t blame people for putting two and two together…

What do you guys think? Was Harry suffering from a hangover?